Hot Desk

This membership gives you access to set yourself up for the day in all of our common areas within the workspace, workstations, for a quiet escape, coworking kitchen and private lounge, and a buffet of worktables, lounge areas and more. Grab a full time pass for 7 day a week access or a half time pass for a few days a week.

**Due to capacity constraints under California’s Tiered Covid Response, we plan to be rolling out Hot Desk Memberships / Day Passes in March 2021, please sign up on the waitlist below, memberships will be first come first served as we begin to offer this option.**

Including these amazing amenities.

There’s a ton of great perks about working with us at Stoble that make it easy for you to focus on what you’re best at.

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Free Drip Coffee & Tea

Private Phone Booths

Mail Forwarding

Beautifully Furnished

Community Chat

Pick a different spot every day to stay inspired.

Find your favorite spot to work, or pick a different spot every day to stay inspired. Pop on your headphones for some focus or jump in one of our private phone booths for phone calls and conference calls.

Who are hot desk for?

A hot desk is the most flexible workspace. Choose any open seat in a workplace and start working.

Flexible Workplace

Don’t need a reserved space? Just bringing a laptop and a few things to work on? This is the plan for you.

Remote Workplace

Great for the remote worker with a head office in another city or state who needs a local landing pad from time to time.

Looking for alternative

Has covid caused your office to scale back in square feet as tasks are now happening from your home office, a hot desk offers an alternative setting to touch down on for the days you need to really focus.

Coffee Lover

Normally hopping from coffeeshop to cafe to work on things? Don’t stop now, get a half time hot desk membership and work out of our space a few days a week.

Membership Options

We offer a number of different membership options. Compare them below and choose the right one for your business.
Then book a tour with our team to see all the available options.

Day Pass




 Access to all shared spaces.

 High speed Wifi.

 Our most felixible option!


I‘m Interested!

Part-Time Monthly Pass

$150 / 15 days a month

10 hours a day



 Full day access to all shared spaces, for up to 15 days/month.

 Room to focus, outlets for devices and professional work setting.

 Come when we open, stay till we close!


I‘m Interested!

Monthly Pass

$300 / month
10 hours a day



Come any day for any amount of time.

 Increased access to networking, help create the culture of coworking at Stoble with your daily presence.

With over a hundred places to perch, you’ll never run out of new favorite places to work!


I‘m Interested!

Looking for a more private workplace?

From private offices to dedicated desks, find a space to call your own:

Private Office

With 17 offices in varying sizes, pop yourself or your whole team into this setting.

Private Desk

Desk with locking drawers and cabinets to call your own full-time. Rentable by the month and access to all amenities.