Dedicated Desk

Desk with locking drawers and cabinets to call your own full-time. Rentable by the month and paired with access to all of our common areas and amenities.

Including these amazing amenities.

There’s a ton of great perks about working with us at Stoble that make it easy for you to focus on what you’re best at.

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Free Drip Coffee & Tea

Private Phone Booths

Mail Forwarding

Beautifully Furnished

Community Chat

Great for Professionals that meet with many clients.

Great for realtors, consultants and other professionals who need a guaranteed spot to keep a few things but are often meeting with clients out and about in the county. Use our lounge areas, worktables and common rooms like any other community member but always have that guaranteed workstation with your name on it.

A great monthly membership solution.

Dedicated Desk

$350 / month


 Exclusive use of a desk in one of our dedicated areas in the common space.

Access to all shared spaces as well as credits toward collab rooms and other event spaces.

Discounts on all cafe offerings.

Book a Tour

Interested? Book a Tour.

While we are filling our private offices in the month of June, dedicated desk memberships
will open up soon after. Get your name on the interest list below.

Looking for a flexible workplace?

Browse the most casual of our coworking options. 

Hot Desk

This membership gives you access to set yourself up for the day in all of our common areas within the workspace.

Community Membership

Great for someone who is wanting to give co-working a try or just wanting to be a part of all that’s happening in the space.