Covid – 19

Find the latest measures we’ve put into practice to provide you and your workmates with an environment designed with health, safety and productivity in mind.

Stoble Workplace Response to Covid - 19

As we begin to populate the co-working spaces with members and guests, we’ve created a timeframe that will allow us to slowly roll out offerings over the course of a few months. Private offices will be the first memberships available (est. June 2021), followed by Dedicated Desks , Hot Desks and finally Community Memberships.

It is our hope that as the fall approaches we will be able to increase capacity in both the cafe and the co-working spaces in tandem with the recommended guidelines for dining spaces and office spaces. 

Stoble Coffee Cafe and Roastery occupy the front third of our building and will follow the state guidelines for capacity, masking, and other preventative measures as we progress through the tiered system along with the rest of Butte County. 

Health and Safety Standards

Cleaning & Sanitation

Our staff will stay up to date on current CDC guidelines for health and safety as we keep the space clean and safe with the recommended products and workflows. 

Visual Signage

Open workspaces will be at a reduced capacity with signs indicating occupancy limits per area. 

Improved Air Quality

While each private office is fully enclosed, our shared spaces will feature integrated air filtering systems. 

Social Distancing Guidelines

Walking Paths

Due to the size of the atrium, mezzanine and multiple floors, a preffered walking path will be indicated through the building to allow for as much uni-directional travel as possible. 

Reconfigured Rooms

Our shared spaces will be modified into more of a modular concept with the rearrangement of furinture and addition of partitions to create distanced bubbles between workgroups. 

Reduced Capacity

Beginning with memberships for private offices only, we will gradually roll out memberships for those occuping our shared spaces over the next few months following the capacity recommendations for Butte County and Californias tiered system. 

Looking ahead

We know where you work matters — and that getting back there is important. Our team is working around the clock to help foster a safe and healthy workplace upon your return. We also know that securing member health and safety isn’t a one-time effort. It’s an ongoing process, one which requires a willingness to constantly evolve and listen to the experts. As new information becomes available, we will continue to update our guidelines and members.

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