Health & Safety Measures

Find the latest measures we’ve put into practice to provide you and your workmates with an environment designed with health, safety and productivity in mind.


Covid-19 Response

Our staff will continue to remain masked on site regardless of vaccine status. We ask that all customers and coworkers adhere to the CDC guidelines and the new mask mandate (12/15-01/15). Masks available at both entrances. 
Self Attestation of Covid Vaccine
All employees are not required to be vaccinated but must fill out the self attestation form and continue to were masks regardless of vaccine status.
Social DIstancing
We’ve opened up our typically reservation only rooms to day pass holders and community members to allow for more private space and distance between members. 


Looking ahead

We know where you work matters — and that getting back there is important. Our team is working around the clock to help foster a safe and healthy workplace upon your return. We also know that securing member health and safety isn’t a one-time effort. It’s an ongoing process, one which requires a willingness to constantly evolve and listen to the experts. As new information becomes available, we will continue to update our guidelines and members.

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