Community Membership

A build-your-own membership that starts at $35/mo. 

With this purchase you get 2 daypasses to the coworking space and the ability to tack on additional days for yourself or a guest for $15/day. Enjoy 10% off at the cafe all month long too!


Access to our shared spaces, telephone booths, printer/copier area, all the wifi and outlets you like with over 65 seats to choose from among our 3 levels. 

Look at these perks!

We’ve shaped a system for those of you working with us at Stoble that makes it easy for you to focus on what you’re best at.

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Free Drip Coffee & Tea

Private Phone Booths

Beautifully Furnished

Community Chat

Community Membership Packages

Monthly Pass

$35/ month
Good for 1 month


Access to our community slack thread, member portal and coworking events.

 Access to our coworking shared spaces two days per month + additional days for $15

10% off at the cafe!

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Looking for a more private workplace?

Check out our variety of private workspaces:

Private Office

With 17 offices in varying sizes, pop yourself or your whole team into this setting.

Private Desk

Desk with locking drawers and cabinets to call your own full-time. Rentable by the month and access to all amenities.