Community Membership

We developed the Community membership knowing there would be so many of you who don’t require a regular place to work but would want to be able to dip into the events, the programming and the networking of all we are hoping to offer.

**Due to capacity restraints in California’s tiered system, this membership will be limited through 2021 until we can offer it to any interested individuals as capacity caps increase. Place yourself on the interest list below for first come first served signups as the months progress.** 

Includes these amazing amenities.

There’s a ton of great perks about working with us at Stoble that make it easy for you to focus on what you’re best at.

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

Free Drip Coffee & Tea

Private Phone Booths

Beautifully Furnished

Community Chat

More benefits and discounts for you.

This membership will give you discounts on our event spaces, keep you in the loop and at the front of the line for new offerings as well as offering you one day a month that you can work out of the co-working space.

Get 12 drip coffees or teas

1 day coworking space per month

1 conference room credit

Access to all our events and metups

Great for just trying out co-working.

Great for someone who is wanting to give co-working a try or just wanting to be a part of all that’s happening in the space.

Membership Options

We offer a number of different membership options. Compare them below and choose the right one for your business.
Then book a tour with our team to see all the available options.

Monthly Pass

$35/ month
Good for 1 month


Immediate access to our member portal and coworking events.

 Access to our coworking shared spaces one day per month.

12 drip coffees or teas.

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Annual Pass

Good for 1 year


 Immediate access to our member portal and coworking events.

 One day / month access to coworking space.

12 drip coffees or teas / month.

I’m Interested!

Interested? Book a Tour.

*In person tours to commence in June 2021.

Looking for a more private workplace?

Check out our variety of private workspaces:

Private Office

With 17 offices in varying sizes, pop yourself or your whole team into this setting.

Private Desk

Desk with locking drawers and cabinets to call your own full-time. Rentable by the month and access to all amenities.