At Stoble creating a workplace where you will feel most productive and inspired is our main goal.

Lots of great benefits.

There’s a ton of great perks about working with us at Stoble that make it easy for you to focus on what you’re best at.

A Quality Workspace.

Our fresh workspace is completed with various styles of spaces from conference rooms to private offices to personal desks. Whether you are working independently, with a small group of people, or meeting with clients, we have something for everyone. 

Building Security
With alarms and cameras in the common areas you can rest easy.
Private Phone Booths

Sometimes you need privacy, so hop into our isolated phone booths for phone calls and video conferences.

Beautifully Furnishings

We’ve already furnished the entire office so you don’t have to worry about it. Just sit down and relax. If you do have your own desks and setups, those are welcome in any private office. 

Variety of Workspaces

Sit at your desk for focused-work time, grab a couch when writing emails, and sit outside when you need to feel creative. We’ve designed a versatile space for all your working needs.

Exclusive coworking lounge and kitchen

Enjoy the best parts of water cooler chat and get to know your coworkers over snacks in our modern shared kitchen and coworking exclusive dining space.

Beautiful Conference Rooms

Gain access to our beautiful conference rooms great for every type of meeting. Rather than renting a traditional office where your conference room is left unused most of the time, you’re getting access to four conference rooms only when you need them.


Makes your life easier.

In todays world it is hard to function without technology. That is why we provide our clients with top of the line resources. Staying connected is a priority and want to make that as seamless for you as possible with our advanced software and internet connection. 

Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi

We offer gigabit cable, a redundant DSL line, and private virtual networks for all offices.

Video Conferencing

Each of our conference rooms is equipped with a TV and a camera for easy video conferencing using your laptop.

Print Room

We offer an office-grade printer and copier for use by our members as well as other common office supplies.


A whole lot of benefits.

Aside from the space itself, being a part of the Stoble community gives you access to many perks. 


Mail Forwarding

Keep a downtown business address, and add on mail service delivered right here! 

On-site notary

Enjoy convenient accessible notary services from your own office or workstation.

Free Drip Coffee & Tea

Enjoy free drip coffee from our baristas all day long, snacks in the kitchen, and 15% off all food and drinks in the cafe with certain memberships


Collaborative Workspace.

Productivity and community are important to us. At Stoble you can find various collaborative workspaces to engage with others in the community. 

Community Chat

Keep in contact with the rest of the community in our Member’s Portal.


From happy hours to curated collaborations between members, we’ve got programming in the works to connect our Stoble co-working community with each other and the city at large. 

Inside Access

In the year ahead will be looking to our members to help us define what kind of events, programming and technologies we should expand to include over time from podcasting equipment to photo studio to small business development we’ve got lots of ideating going on behind the scenes we would love to have you in on.

Learn more about Coworking.

What is coworking and how will it cater to your specific needs? We understand that everyone has a unique set of goal in mind for their work. We want to provide you with resources and spaces to get your best work done stress-free.

What is Coworking?

Coworking is the use of a space for freelancers, business owners, work-from home employees, students, creatives, etc. as an alternative space where connections can also be formed. 

Is Coworking Right for You?

Are you looking to join a community of creatives, hard workers and business owners? Are you looking to have a change in where you get your work done? Do you want a space to call yours? This is the place for you.

Have a question? Say hello.

We’re planning on launching in Summer of 2021. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll keep you updated and let you know when we’re ready for signups.